Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Denis Medri draws Star Wars as an 80’s high school movie

Jhené Aiko for GQ Magazine

I’m in loooove with her. One of my favorite performers at Coachella. She had me blown out of my mind.

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Artist Dad Colors in Drawings Made by His Kids by Fred Giovannitti [more]

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So I got home from Coachella last night and there was a package waiting for me with a shirt and a coast guard teddy bear from Manuel… And then I come into work today and he has flowers delivered for me. WHAT. THE. FUCK. He’s on a ship in the middle of the northern pacific and still finds ways to treat me like a princess :’)

Take notes, boys.

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Monday, April 21, 2014


why the FUCK do girls think it’s ok to lay eggs?

you’ve got a Cheshire cat grin, all blurring into one

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Hey :) im the anon you posted recently. Dude. I knew you were who i thought you were at best buy lol. I think you might of recognized me too. Maybe? I found ourselves making eye contact alot and smiling each time which is why im assuming so. But anyways you seem like an amazing person. Its crazy how much we have in common AND you’re drop dead fucking gorgeous which i think makes you a game-changer haha. You truely are unique and just continue being yourself and be happy because your smile is definitely contagious. It would be difficult for us to be friends but just knowing a girl like you thats hard to find out there in this world exists, makes me happy and hopeful and Id be content in just knowing that i made you smile today. Hopefully one day we can become friends :) Take care. 

- Idk why but i feel like disclosing this msg with a penis since im an anon guy who cant write his name *Dont mind it pls*  8====D  

oh my goodness! WHO ARE YOU?!?!?!! haha you’re seriously so sweet and I’m really curious as to who you are… be my friend.